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Welcome to our blog!

As you might expect we hope to develop our own unique style – to complement our own unique products! We hope it can become a place where we can relax and talk about whatever takes our fancy, whether it’s the big issues of the day, or the charity football match we sponsored recently. We hope you’ll join in and share your opinions with us.

We’ve just re-launched the website and to celebrate we’re now starting our own 2CQR style blog!

Of course, as you’d expect, we’ll be telling you all our news as well and what better way to kick off the blog than with a new client? The University of Lincoln recently joined the swelling ranks of 2CQR’s RFID customers! There’s a nice picture of them above with our very own Ram and first ever customer, Harlow College, represented by David Monks.

If you have some ideas for future posts let us know. We’re planning a short series of hopefully thought-provoking posts on the impact of the cuts and other current issues over the coming weeks but it won’t all be cakes and ale…

We look forward to meeting you here again soon!