The Curious Incident of the Dog…in the Library

A visit to Wales, photographer in tow, to see another Public Library complete with 2CQR self-service. What was going to make this a memorable trip? What unique gems were we going to find?

OK, so the picturesque voyage over the Severn was a treat…and the rain stopped, allowing the South Wales countryside to jump out as us when we landed over the bridge.

Searching for the library proved our only problem…assumptions of its whereabouts proved incorrect and gave us a short walk out of the centre of Bridgend to

the large recreation centre, with appropriately large, free car park (only mentioned because we had paid previously …and obviously unnecessarily). This was where the new library greeted us. Although still work in progress the multi-million pound recreation centre is impressive: swimming pool with hydro-slide and wave machine, gym, climbing wall, ballet and rugby courses with events to suit everyone.……and as you enter, the bright new library welcomes from the reception area.


So a nice and bright library, then I met the people involved …and yes! they were welcoming as well.  Helen Pridham, Community Development Librarian, Pam Grainger, Library Manager and Alison Nicholas, Systems Engineer. All had intimate involvement in the relocation and development of the library at the affectionately called “Rec “. So how were things going following the launch? (click for launch article)

They praised the self-service Totems and Baby, they were delighted with the prompt installation and the helpful engineers. Importantly, the users had taken readily to the self-service with over 70% transactions going through and a 19% monthly increase in library usage over the previous year. Without serious problems, and despite a very small number of users who found the change difficult, the move had been a great success.

Surprise visitor

So all well and good, and very similar to the response from the nearby library at Neath Port Talbot which the team had visited prior to choosing 2CQR.

So no dynamic, thrilling story….or was there?

The roaming photographer found the first, not so shaggy dog story!!!!

One of the regulars was checking out his latest book with his dog in tow….a smart Jack Russell that he takes everywhere, even on his motor bike. So just to show how easy 2CQR self-service systems are he issued books with his dog in his arms. Although not a dramatic story it was a first on our visits to libraries round the country.


Baby? and a Baby?

However, it got more interesting as, to compliment the dog and Totems, we met a baby with the “Baby”.  For those unfamiliar with the “Baby” it is the 2CQR, much copied “but never bettered”, self-service desktop unit.  With its colour change led lighting and stylish acrylic design it had caught the eye of mother and her baby in the children’s section of the library. So with baby in arm the mother demonstrated the ease of issuing books using the “Baby”. Another “first” we captured on digital.

Scrum down

Photos completed and, apart from the curious incident with the dog at the Totem, it seemed a very quiet Tuesday in the library. Spoken too soon as we became engulfed by a horde of red sweatered school kids seeking books and excitement like a pack of Welsh forwards scrummaging for a turnover against the English.

These children, fuelled after an indoor picnic (the weather had taken a turn for the worse), brought the library to life. Groups gathered for stories, straying individuals found cosy corners and some, well some just scrummaged for a while before brought to book, or rather brought to the books by their attentive managers.


So just another ordinary day in a Public Library…children, “Babies”, babies, young and old …and dogs…and a self-service system running beautifully.

Returning over the Severn Bridge we considered how remarkable the ordinary can be.




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