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Marshall Breeding to address this year’s Library RFID conference – courtesy of 2CQR!

Library Systems guru Marshall Breeding will be giving the keynote address at this year’s CILIP Library RFID conference. Marshall, recently described by Information World Review as “a visionary on library automation trends and technologies” has been booked to speak on the future relationship between Library Management Systems (known in the UK as “LMS” and in the US as “ILS” for short) and (RFID) sub-systems by former 2CQR employee and UK library expert Mick Fortune.

“a visionary on library automation trends and technologies”

The two discussed the likely impact of RFID on existing LMS/ILS services during a podcast earlier in the year and generated significant interest in the present limitations that its dependence on the SIP protocol has so far prevented (RFID) from delivering its full potential.

Having successfully brokered an agreement on data standards for UK libraries using (RFID) earlier this year – initiated and fully supported by 2CQR – the BIC/CILIP Interoperability Group are now exploring new means of integrating LMS/ILS functionality with (RFID) to help create new, and speed up existing services. With virtually all (RFID) functionality still governed by LMS/ILS policies and transacted using a protocol originally designed to handle items one-by-one rather than simultaneously the attitude of LMS/ILS suppliers toward their (RFID) partners will be instrumental in shaping the future of both. 2CQR proud to be one of only two RFID companies actively engaged in the group’s work.

The full conference programme – which will include a progress report on the work of the Interoperability Group from 2CQR’s very own Mike Chambers! – will be published soon. We’ll let you know as soon as it is!