Despite the problems being caused by Covid –19 we, at 2CQR, are providing assistance and help as usual to our clients.

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Sorting Accessories

product type: Automated Materials Handling (AMH)

Sorting Accessories

2CQR offer a range of add-on accessories to enhance efficiency, ergonomics, and workflow for library staff Read more


Elevators, moving stock from floor to floor, are just one of the many products we provide to manage a libraries layout and functional needs. Read more

Libretto Compact Sorter

The Most Space Saving and Efficient Sorter Available Read more

24 Hour Outdoor

Opening times that don’t fit users lifestyles can be frustrating. Outdoor return units can make things easier. Read more

Libretto Automated Materials Handling System (AMHS)

A fully modular sorter system, suitable for all kinds and sizes of libraries, with a minimum of one sorting position up to a maximum of 255 sorting positions. Read more