Time to inject some interest in RFID

With minds and upper arms turned towards flu vaccinations it seems appropriate for library RFID product and software supplier 2CQR to be targeting medical libraries with a new brochure with targeted packages.

Success with projects for the NHS Trust at Southport and Ormskirk Libraries and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has prompted interest in 2CQR’s approach from a variety of similar medical libraries.

“With 24 hours 365 days a year self-service a priority for these libraries and a mix of unique working processes and facilities, the need for cost-effective and thought-through solutions is paramount” explains Gavin Bennett of 2CQR.

“By offering a selection of competitively priced packages ranging from RFID introduction kits with basic security, issue and return through self-service and on to tailor-made solutions, we can enable libraries of all sizes and needs to enjoy the proven benefits of RFID library management.”


The new leaflet will be mailed out shortly and is also available by contacting 2CQR by email: or call: 01400 283850.