24/7 Access Helps University Library Deliver Its Proposition

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24/7 Access Helps University Library Deliver Its Proposition

Transaction to advisory When the University of Gloucestershire’s Library and Helpzone were looking to support students rather than spend time on transactions they found 2CQR’s solutions invaluable. This focus over the last ten years, to... Read more

NEDAP join 2CQR & PV SUPA’s successful alliance

Following last year’s merger with global library system integrator P.V. Supa, 2CQR are pleased to announce their successful partnership and co-operation is to be further strengthened as Nedap Library Systems joins the 2CQR alliance. From... Read more

Tablet loan at Balham and Putney libraries

GLL, who manage libraries across the UK , are committed to bringing innovative and ambitious services to the communities they serve. One area they believed needed attention was in the supply of digital content safely... Read more


“Who needs Robin Hood?” was the first thought when 2CQR read the letter from The Parkgate Academy. This school, based at Ollerton in the heart of Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest was looking for some help in... Read more

SHELF HELP – SELF HELP. Edinburgh Napier University’s Libraries deliver

Visiting Edinburgh Napier University is a stimulating experience. The three campuses offer a variety of courses, with individual character, great history, exciting futures and an impressive range of services and support available, and actively promoted,... Read more


Hublet is being launched in the UK and Eire on the 12th June. Why not come along and share the experience? The easy, secure and beautiful solution for making the digital content visible for library... Read more