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Merthyr Tydfil Libraries install ‘Baby’ Self Service units to improve Services

Public libraries in a Welsh town have installed desktop self-service units nicknamed ‘Babies’ to assist users.

“We were impressed by their innovation and flexibility in meeting our requirements and cannot wait to see the new self-service systems in place.”

Merthyr Tydfil Public Libraries already had three ‘Baby’ self-service units; but have now added a further three with a fines payment facility. One of the libraries now using the units used to be closed on Tuesdays, yet now the new units allow library users to return or take books out, and pay any fines incurred when normal library staff are not working. The ‘Baby’ units are safe and secure, removing potential problems related to cash being handled on site and providing library users with a more flexible service.

The ‘Baby’ is the product name for the 2CQR desktop self-service unit chosen for its small size and the fact that it is smaller than normal self issue units. They can be set up specifically for each library’s requirements and be used to check books in or out and pay any outstanding fines.

Vicky Mitchell, Community and Resources Librarian, said “It wasn’t just about price in selecting 2CQR to work with; we wanted good looking, modern and easy-to-use self-service units.”

The installation of the new ‘Baby’ units provides many advantages including:

  • Ease of use
  • Reduction in queues
  • Extended opening hours
  • A fines payment facility

Merthyr Tydfil public libraries expect that the units will allow libraries to provide greater accessibility for people to borrow books and be more convenient to use.

Library staff are confident that the new units will prove to be an asset and improve services for library users. The self-service option allows library users to borrow books that, for some reason, may be sensitive to check out in the traditional manner e.g. diet books, information on head lice etc. The new ‘Baby’ self-service units allow library users to keep their reading habits private whilst still accessing library books in an easy and convenient way.

The ‘Baby’ units are the creation of 2CQR, a company that specialise in systems and solutions especially for libraries. The units with payment facilities were installed in Merthyr Tydfil public libraries between March 1st and April 20th 2010.