Libraries open up for 2CQR

In the Public library sector 2CQR’s FlexABLE Library solution was the winning choice for Kingston Library in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes Libraries wanted to extend their library opening hours despite reductions to the library budgets and having to pay for extra staffed hours. Helen Bowlt, the Libraries Manager explained, “At Kingston we saw the opportunity to extend the libraries opening hours for customers wanting to use the libraries facilities outside its core staffed hours in the early morning or late evening. 2CQR’s solution enables us to plan both staffed and unstaffed access to the library services easily”

2CQR’s successful proposal included access control and CCTV interfacing with self-service, security and their sophisticated Open Library Management System. The open library concept has been an exciting area of development for 2CQR who have strengthened their existing team with technical specialists and new partners to provide a library-focused, comprehensive solution.

Phil Farrell, 2CQR’s CEO sees this as an important milestone, “Our expertise has always been in understanding the broader issues around effective delivery of library services, both from the user and management perspective. With open libraries we can bring our technical, software, hardware and management expertise together to provide significant operational improvement”