Here comes summer! with an offer to make you smile.

As with most suppliers to the education sector summer is a busy time. Despite the students taking well earned rests and teachers breathing sighs of relief it is the time for librarians and IT management to implement new, and upgrade existing, services. Although in the public library sector there is not the obvious link with holidays as there is in academia it is also a busy time of change for these libraries. For 2CQR installations and upgrades are being managed across all areas of the UK and Ireland, from security and self-service in Brighton and Fingal to PopUp libraries in East Dunbartonshire. As they say “to name but a few”. It is also the busiest time for conferences with CILIP, CILIPS, LAI, ARLG, PMLG, IIUG/EIUG, SLA etc., etc. providing opportunities to meet and discuss the latest opportunities and thinking in library resources.

 Neglected essential

So with engineers and software consultants busy satisfying client needs and consultants meeting and greeting we, back in the office, turned our thoughts to the oft neglected issue of Maintenance Agreements. OK, not as inspiring as shiny new Totems and clever Babies, but a comforting service we like to see as essential as a onesie on a November night or, more appropriately, as intrinsic as a good book at bedtime.

 Always Perfect?

For many of us the idea of buying maintenance cover for our personal purchases, particularly on white goods, is seen as part of the wearing, hard-sell at the end of a usually pleasant shopping deal. And with most financial features advising against these offers it is not surprising it is not on the top of our clients’ wish list. However most tender documents in our sector demand Service Agreements, with good logic.Of course we would all love our hardware and software to manage the rigours of 24/7 usage, the daily bombardment of unexpected requests and the teasing of IT restructuring without any need for intervention but we are realists.

So with reasonably priced, tailored or off-the-peg Service Level Agreements available we would always suggest this is one of the most important parts of any purchase whether forced by tender demands or not.


2CQR SLAs include remote monitoring, fault reporting, management and resolution through Team Viewer, Help Desk or site visits by our library trained engineers and software consultants. Written in plain speaking, plain language our agreements offer a core resolution process with a range of flexible options to suit the type of equipment and services covered, the technology used and the location and operating hours.

 And, to put a sunny smile on your face, we’re also offering our keenest deals until the end of July. For more details call Gavin Bennett 01400 283850 or email: info