Despite the problems being caused by Covid –19 we, at 2CQR, are providing assistance and help as usual to our clients.

For details of support and/or service simply use our normal phone or email contacts: Phone: (+44) 1400 283850 Email:

See our advice, and information to download, on kiosk, screen and tablet cleaning, anti-bacterial tablet protectors and easy, collect and return self-service solutions HERE

About this new website!

You are visiting the new updated 2CQR website. Although based on the previous, successful site there are a number of technical upgrades, new copy and image revises.

Below are some of the changes we’ve made to make access and information more customer-friendly and help you enjoy the new site:

  • New branding – this is now in line with our recent rebrand.
  • We have also made the site mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Menu now carries a link to video page: WATCH
  • The videos on the homepage and it’s own page are divided into sub-categories:  HE/FE, Public, Specialist and General for fast access to material.
  • Menu now has Case Studies header instead of Testimonials….and the Case Study page has sub-categories to get you to relevant material quicker.
  • There is now a Search facility
  • The Product section has been expanded and sub-categories side-bar menu added. Where available product pdfs and videos are available to download or view.

We hope you find the changes beneficial, we will be monitoring the site and updating with relevant news, product information, videos and case studies. And, as technology advances, look to make our information as fast and as easy to access as possible.