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A moving story with a happy ending

Wakefield’s a pretty exciting place. Fantastic history, great nightlife and culturally who could ask for more than the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the stunning new Hepworth Museum.  With three Campuses that sit in, either the beautiful parkland at Thornes Park, dominate the landscape in Glasshoughton or provide a lively learning environment in the city centre, The Wakefield College fits well into the fabric of the District.

And the College continues to grow, as does the demand on the library services. Redevelopment of the Wakefield Campus in the city centre is bringing a vibrant learning environment to the heart of the city and with it a modern, upgraded library environment. The newly branded LibraryPlus brings the existing three libraries under one banner and the restructuring provided the opportunity to review the library management systems.

The college was already a user of the practical and efficient 2CQR EM (electro magnetic system) chosen by Chris Balmforth, based at the Thornes Park campus. However, with finance available, the options that RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) gave for future development convinced the library team that this should be the way forward. The successful experience with the existing equipment and service made 2CQR an obvious choice to tender for the change to RFID. Helen Sherwood, the Senior Librarian, was happy to pick up Chris’s lead “2CQR were the first choice to discuss the upgrading with. During the decision making process, despite the interest from other suppliers, their friendly approach and ability to understand the needs of a modest sized college confirmed our previous experience”

The Castleford Campus, opened in 2009, includes a state-of-the-art Library and was the first to have it converted to RFID with new sets of security gates and a staff workstation. At the city centre site self-service was a major requirement and this was provided with the existing “Baby” being converted from Librid, (EM software), to Lucid (RFID software).  “We were delighted with the installation. Although 2CQR had to work in difficult conditions as the building work continued around them Paul (Betts, 2CQR engineer) remained positive and good humoured” said Helen, adding “The late start meant we had a surge of students making induction difficult but,surprisingly and despite being first-time users, there were no problems and students have taking to it really well“.   “ Visually the gates and self-service unit sit perfectly in the new environment and the workstation is unobtrusive”

With more reorganization anticipated at the end of the academic year Helen sees the stock control with the RFID enabled Wanda unit being fast and simple, freeing staff to concentrate on important replanning issues. 



2CQR have worked exclusively with librarians for over two decades, consistently meeting the challenge to deliver solutions in self-service, intelligent displays, stock management, access and security. Originally founded on EM (Electro-Magnetic) systems, we are now leaders in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.Our specialist system planning and software expertise complements our reliable and dedicated products, which in turn are supported by our network of trusted consultants and engineers providing service, maintenance and long-term support.


Wakefield College is the largest college in the district and has an impressive track record, having provided education and training in Wakefield and its surrounding area since 1868. Today, the College has its base in three major areas as well as delivering learning in community settings all over the district.The College is committed to working in partnership with local schools, employers and learning providers to transform learning, attainment, achievement and progression. It has have good relationships with schools across the Wakefield district and the College has a broad mix of former pupils from across the region.

The College is home to almost 15,000 students, of all ages and abilities, studying a broad range of courses, from pre-entry level through to higher education and professional qualifications.