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24/7 Access Helps University Library Deliver Its Proposition

Transaction to advisory

When the University of Gloucestershire’s Library and Helpzone were looking to support students rather than spend time on transactions they found 2CQR’s solutions invaluable. This focus over the last ten years, to move library staff from transactional to advisory, has helped the University to achieve a higher than average student satisfaction rate (NSS, National Student Survey) and given staff the opportunity to maximize their knowledge and mentoring skills.

The University has three campuses, each with a dedicated library and HelpZone customer service team and subject specialists. As well as providing 24/7 access to all their students, from first year undergraduates through to PhD students, the library resources are made available to individuals, charities and businesses. To deliver these services simply and safely the University management has worked with 2CQR for over more than a decade developing the offer as new technology became available.

Solutions needed over many years

The partnership with 2CQR began in 2005 when they were chosen following a tender process to deliver EM self-service. Scott Jordan, Head of Customer Service Management remembers

”They already had a good reputation with existing customers and we were impressed with the installations we visited. We felt they had the best equipment and price and the service and support they promised was also subsequently delivered”

With years of faultless service it was then decided to refresh the self-service system to offer new RFID technology across all three sites. “ Naturally we discussed options with 2CQR who were, as usual, totally responsive. Their Totem kiosks and security gates were just what we needed, robust and the ideal solution”

24/7 access delivered

Recently, as the desire to deliver 24/7 services became more important, a solution was found which has delighted both staff and students. Slimmer, new kiosks; 9 Phoenix units across the three sites and access control turnstiles with 2CQR Detection Systems linked to their security gates. Scott explained “Evening opening is a real necessity, particularly during dissertation time and with our overseas students who often use the library while communicating to different time zones”. The 2CQR system works well, providing extra service within the existing budget and, although linking turnstiles to ID cards, security gates, accessibility access and fire alarms across three floors proved a challenge, the system was up and running for staff and students by the beginning of term.

“After six months the library staff report no problems, and students love to be able to get in when they want. We can also report a slow but steady increase in usage during the new 5.00pm to 8.00am opening times”.

The University is now looking, with 2CQR, at further opportunities to install Smart Gates and CCTV for complete monitoring.