About Us

2CQR Office

2CQR are dedicated to working in Libraries across the UK to promote the application of Self Service. We develop Hardware and Software solutions which fit into the modern day library service.

Our team of dedicated engineers cover the UK and Ireland are trained to install and maintain all our equipment. We do not sub-contract out our maintenance and by doing so we ensure that our engineers are committed to the excellence of our product. We have a team of engineers who work across the UK & Ireland, who are capable of clearing any fault call quickly and efficiently with the minimum of disruption to the library; indeed we pride ourselves on our ability to prioritise our calls and ensure that any unit which is out of service is reinstalled well within the Service Level Agreement we commit to.

Our training will ensure library staff are able to carry our basic trouble shooting and have a good understanding of the equipment ensuring that the Library gets the best out of the investment in self service. We offer cascade training to a level determined by the Customers Senior staff to ensure that the investment is utilised to it most efficient level and managed in the main by the customer rather than the supplier.

2CQR offer the complete peace of mind that a purchase of this size requires, ensuring that the investment works for the customer. Our ability to not only react to the needs of the customer but also the expectations of the customer ensures that the decision to work in partnership with us will pay dividends. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat customers with respect and dignity and we have not forgotten what it is to serve our customers.