Smallest Branch…a big deal
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Smallest Branch…a big deal

Helping to make life easier and library stock more accessible, the 2CQR Smallest Branch provided a short lending solution for University of Essex and is now helping with reservations management. Worldwide the Smallest Branch is... Read more

Libraries open up for 2CQR

In the Public library sector 2CQR’s FlexABLE Library solution was the winning choice for Kingston Library in Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes Libraries wanted to extend their library opening hours despite reductions to the library budgets... Read more

Tag Technology

At the heart of automated library system, whether EM (Electro Magnetic, RF (Radio Frequency) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are the tags, tapes or barcode labels. There are hundreds of millions of tagged items occupying... Read more

New library, new thinking!

A bit of history helps to explain how the new Greenwich Centre brought the physical building and it’s activities together, and how a spark of inspiration made the library a more accessible and desirable attraction.... Read more

Pass GO…

Once upon a time there were libraries with books…maybe newspapers, the odd magazine, quiet corners to catch up on a little R&R. The social history of modern libraries is fascinating and constantly presents challenging concepts... Read more

College and Community

Hugh Baird College, Bootle is a fast growing college, responding dynamically not only to educational demands and workforce training in the region but also local community needs. Delivering over 300 courses to more than 5,000... Read more